Elements Restaurant Aruba- Second best restaurant in the world!

A big congratulations to Elements Restaurant in Aruba! What an awesome result: being the second best restaurant in the world for Date Night. They definitely ‘set the mood for two’ as Tripadvisor calls it. And we agree with them. Actually, we think that Elements deserved the first place too.

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Butterfly Farm Aruba: Great place to visit

Time to celebrate! Why? Because…. In today’s difficult times, dominated by COVID-19 stories, each reason to celebrate is a reason! That’s why we shout out loud: let’s celebrate the good news! The day before yesterday we received this beautiful news. What news? Well… Aruba is officially one of the first COVID-19 free countries of the world. We were so happy to hear it! And the other good news? The island is looking for re-opening its borders. So we thought it’s time to look for ways how to spend your time on the island.

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Short break on Aruba: get the most out of it!

Finally! You are going to Aruba! For a short break instead of a long holiday, but never mind. Lots of people never get to the One Happy Island. And after your stay, you will know what they will be missing! The biggest question is… how are you going to spend these few days? Just relaxing and a bit of sunbathing? Or are you more the adventurous type?

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